Apollo 125cc

Apollo 125cc


New Apollo 125cc Dirt Bike

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Compared to other 125s, the Apollo DB-007 sits on 17″ / 14″ Big Front/Rear Wheels, making this the perfect bike for adults or big boys.

“For anyone worried about being too big for dirt bikes, the Apollo Dirt Bike 125cc is just the size you’ll need, as it comfortably accommodates 5’8 females and six-foot males. And, with a maximum speed of just under 56 miles per hour, powered by 8.2 horses thanks to its four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, you know you’ll be more than satisfied with its power and speed – though, if you’re too big or too tall, that number next to the miles per hour will likely shrink a little bit.” – review by kidsridewild.com

125cc Dirt Bike
Single Cylinder,4-Stroke Engine Type
4 Speed Manual Clutch
Front/Rear 17/14″ Wheels.
Seat Height 36.5 inches
Aire Cooled
Max Speed 55 mph, May vary depending on road condition and rider weight
Twin Spare Heavy Duty Steel
Length:52inches, Width:15inches, Height:28inches, Net Weight:148lbs